A Reading with Psychic Medium Diana Joy

What to Expect During a Reading with Psychic Medium Diana Joy

Most people are a little nervous the 1st time they decide to visit a psychic medium. A reading with psychic medium Diana Joy will quickly put you at ease since she understands and respects exactly how important this session is to you!

As a psychic medium, Diana Joy will always bring accurate and identifying information about your loved one on the other side. Sometimes this information includes physical features or the way a person behaved. It is helpful when getting a reading that you are not only looking for a certain piece of information but are open to any information that is presented. This can prevent more information from coming through and can leave you feeling disappointed that you didn’t get this specific thing. If you remain open to anything that may come through then usually you will get the proof you’re looking for.

During readings, especially a 20 minute reading, a reader may decide to use tarot cards or another form of divination. This helps get directly to the information that Spirit wants you to know immediately.

All readings are private and confidential. If you choose to share your experience with your friend, that is completely up to you. As the reader, I will neither confirm nor deny information if I’m asked by anyone other than the sitter unless the sitter gives consent.

All readings are for entertainment purposes. A reading should never negate medical or legal advice.  A psychic, medium or any other reader may pick up on an issues that may need attention. It is up to you to take action or not.

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