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Meet Diana Joy

Diana is a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master in Monroe, NC who is clairvoyant (can see beyond this physical realm), clairaudient (can hear sounds beyond the physical ear) and clairsentient (can feel past, present and future energies). She uses physical touch and crystals as a method of healing, as well as to enhance your reading.

A meeting with Diana is very relaxed and she will put you at ease immediately. You will quickly realize that she is the cool neighbor you’d grab a drink with! Someone you would share your secrets with and trust with the most intimate details of your life. She is respectful, funny and above all values each person for their unique individuality and circumstances.

A reading with Diana includes both psychic information (information received through your energy) and mediumship (information received from the Holy Spirit) to give you the best possible reading. The message she receives from Spirit is delivered to you in straightforward, everyday language that helps direct your decisions. The experience is very much like having a conversation with your best friend.

As a psychic and medium, Diana’s goal is to be of supreme service as a conduit of Spirit that lights your life path.

If you have trouble finding a spot in the posted schedule that works for you, Diana will consider after hours readings. Please use the number on the site to schedule a special appointment.

Our Story

When Diana Joy moved to Charlotte, NC in 1998 she had no idea how quickly her path would propel her for a life of service. After meeting her husband, having 2 children and living a picket fence life, her best friend died very suddenly and tragically.

Soon after, she started to notice that birds were dive bombing her car and her hands and feet were abnormally hot. After no luck searching Web MD, and many internet searches, she found a group of friends that helped develop her long forgotten natural gifts of healing and connection to the Other Side.

Years of study and intense training has led Diana Joy to a life of service by providing readings, classes to help others develop their gifts, hypnosis, a huge selection of crystals and Reiki.

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