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Blue Kyanite Pendant

Clear Your Energy Field With Kyanite

Clear Your Energy Field With Kyanite

Kyanite is a must have for healers and energy workers. Not only is it beautiful but it can be very useful in clearing your energetic field. It has an extremely high vibration and doesn’t need to be energetically cleared (although it does love the moonlight!). The most popular colors are blue and black but it is also found in white, pink, yellow, grey and orange.

I first fell in love with Kyanite while visiting Florida in 2009. I was still new to crystals and their uses but loved the bright blue color and the blade like feel. Kyanite was just the tool I needed for my psychic tool box!

As I was beginning my crystal collection I became overwhelmed with the selection of crystals and their uses. So I decided that I would only purchase the stones that spoke to me a few at a time. I would work with them and learn what others had to say about their healing properties. Then I would use my own intuition to decide how I would use the crystal. That was the perfect combination for me!

Whenever I worked with kyanite I felt like I was in surgery. I found it was perfect to cut cords and remove attachments. Since this mineral has the look and feel of a crystal knife I would also use it to do psychic surgeries.

Little did I know at the time how well kyanite works with the crown chakra and the throat chakra. This crystal is typically used to enhance psychic abilities and clear the way for telepathic communication. It works to align all chakras creating a tranquil and meditative state.

When working with the throat chakra it helps with self-expression and speaking your truth!  This stone is all about loyalty and can help repair harmful relationships. It’s also gentle and is the perfect tool to having when you need to speak to a group of people.


What I didn’t know is that kyanite can be used to help you make a decision. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Just take a look at the striations on the blade. It’s almost as if the crystal is showing you  the way. I have used it like spin the bottle when I couldn’t decide. I wrote down my options and put them in a semi circle and gave the kyanite a spin! But mostly, I meditation with it at my throat chakra, or wear my kyanite pendant (similar to the one pictured) when I feel “stuck”.

So if you’re just beginning your crystal journey, remember to start with the stones that you like and build from there. There is no right or wrong when choosing. Crystals call to you and you decide if you answer or not.


5 Reason to Wear Emerald Pendant

5 Reason to Wear Emerald Pendant

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I Hope you’re all wearing green. I am, I have on my emerald necklace! Yes, I have green in my wardrobe but I simply love the way this pendant makes me feel. It’s actually naturally shaped like a heart and reminds me that there is love all around me.

1)Emerald is the stone of successful love. The pendant sits right at my heart chakra and reflects love to whomever I meet. The heart chakra is the center of your body and the other chakras. If the heart is open and in balance, the chakras can easily open and stay balanced.

2) Raw emerald works just as well as a high quality “gemmy” emerald to attract love. Because it also works with the third eye chakra, it allows you to recognize undesirable qualities that you may have missed.

3) Because this stone is all about the heart chakra and love, it reminds you to love yourself 1st. Emeralds also help you to recognize the people that are loyal and those that are not. When we love ourselves first, we are not easily fooled.

4) It can help heal a broken heart. We’ve all been there. And it hurts. Emerald reminds us that when our heart is broken that it’s time to shift our perspective and focus on something else. It can help you turn a negative situation into something positive.

5) Emerald promotes truth. When you wear an emerald, it activates your third eye chakra allowing you to fully see someone’s true intentions. It inspires a deep inner knowing because it promotes truth and discernment.

As you can see, this is one of my favorite pendants! If you want to see more, click here:


When Your Stone Breaks!

Several years ago one of my crystals rolled off the table and onto the floor. It smashed perfectly in half. One side was fully intact and the other was completely shattered. Here is the blog I wrote about it:
When a Gemstone/Crystal Breaks!

OH NO…. was what I screamed when this beautiful baby rolled right off my desk, onto my tile floor and shattered! My very warped mind started singing, “On top of Spaghetti, all covered in love, my poor crystal rolled onto the floor…..” I wish it had rolled but nope… it shattered! Ironically, it split almost directly in 1/2. As you can see from the picture 1 1/2 is intact, while the other 1/2 completely shattered. The small pieces on the table were the only salvageable pieces. The rest were shards.

I knew that Spirit was trying to give me a message… I searched online for the metaphysical meaning of breaking a crystal. The only information I could find really had nothing to do with the sort of accident that had happened here. Now, some of you may say, accidents happen… sometimes a shattered crystal is just a shattered crystal and nothing more and sometimes you are correct… However, that was not the case here. In the past 3 weeks there has been shattered glass all around me. It started with the back screen door shattering and on the same day a coffee cup fell on cement and shattered. Then 3 days ago my son dropped a glass jar on the floor and it shattered… These items didn’t just break, they SHATTERED into tiny shards that flew everywhere! Given these incidents, I can not discount this beautiful stone shattering as an accident.

Some of the information that I found online was semi helpful but I really had to work to piece it together. So I started from the beginning… 1st of all, this was not my personal stone. It was a stone that I was getting ready to add to my online store for sale. I will explain why this is important later. This was a Fluorite Sphere, deep purple with incredible colors and a very high vibration. And a sphere crystal is about the connection to infinity. The metaphysical meaning of fluorite is: Increase concentration, Heighten Intuition, Clears the fog of illusion and brings order to chaos, the stone of discernment, Helps you see a larger picture. This is a stone that will stabilize relationship dynamics so that all may benefit. Fluorite is about Truth, intelligence, consciousness, purification and harmony.

Each crystal has its own purpose and vibration to help you in many ways. Choosing a crystal is very personal and you may be drawn to a certain crystal not knowing why until you research its usefulness. Crystal can take negativity around you and dispel it or take the energy into itself. When your personal crystal breaks it can mean that you have healed the issue it was used for and it is no longer needed or that you are not doing your work so the crystal breaks to let you know to get busy. Your personal crystal breaking is always symbolic of what is going on in your life. Is someone breaking you or are you breaking someone else? If you take a good honest look at yourself, you will understand why your crystal broke.

So that being said, what does it mean when this crystal shattered? Online I found others asking the question, “What do I do when my crystal breaks?” And found many answers such as bury it to return it back to the earth, put it in a safe place but really, there was no advice on what to do. Do with your stone what feels right to you. And certainly no answer to why this crystal broke. The best answer that I found was, “is someone pushing you to the breaking point or is someone close to you at the point of breaking.” Another good one was, “Something in your life is getting ready to break open.” This one seemed to fit the best as I have been focusing all my attention on my business. I also found that it varies on if what broke is good or bad luck. Some people said that if the glass breaks then it took something negative that was aimed at you, essentially saving you from something bad.

But still not satisfied with the answer I went into mediation. What I feel is that this stone breaking was an omen that my business is going to break wide open and that the shattered half is representative of all the negativity crumbling away and the intact half means that just because it was broken doesn’t mean that it is not viable. I was also told that I have to release the old patterns and essentially start fresh!

I do believe that Spirit gives us messages any way that we will listen and this sure got my attention! I would love to hear your stories of what you have broken!