Abstract Art Orgonite Pendant

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Abstract Art Orgonite Pendant

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Abstract Art Orgonite Pendant

Abstract Art Orgonite Pendants resonate on a higher heart and soul level to clear unseen blockages. This may be holding you back from realizing your full potential.  Each person “sees” something different in the pieces and as a result I have decided to allow the wearer to determine its meaning and purpose. Each piece is channeled from Spirit and has been Reiki Charged to allow energy to freely flow through your physical and auric bodies, clearing dis-corded energy and replacing it with peaceful and calming energy.

The back is sprinkled with raw hematite dust and crystals to assist in helping clear the auric field of residual and negative energy.

When Spirit told me to put my art to the masses I completely refused. My paintings are a part of my soul and it’s a part that I like to keep very close.  But quietly and insistently Spirit persisted so I asked, “How?” That’s when the picture was crystal clear! Make them into pendants! So I began experimenting with ideas and concepts until I found the one that just felt right.. The results have been stunning!


Orgonite is a spiritual tool used for healing. It uses the 4 Earth Elements of Earth ~ Gemstones, Water ~ Resin, Air ~ Metal shavings, Fire ~ Copper to amplify orgone (life force) energy. This protects the auric field from negative influences that are encountered everyday. The resin polarizes the crystals and amplifies the healing effects each crystal provides.

Each piece is divinely inspired and totally unique ensuring that not only will you have a powerhouse of Chi energy working for you, it is also an interesting conversation piece! ! And the best part is that this abstract art orgonite pendant can easily be used as a pendulum!


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