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Apophyllite is the perfect stone to help connect to the Angelic and spiritual realms. It’s high water content allows a pure connection to assist in opening the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. It is believed to create a conscious link between the material world and the spiritual sphere and to facilitate astral travel.

When used during meditation and healing sessions, apophyllite is believed to transfer vibrations and correct energetic imbalances. It can clear negative energy from the body, aura and physical space allowing positive energy to freely flow. It helps to release mental blocks while enhancing intuition and psychic connections allowing a new understanding and clarity to move freely. Apophyllite provides and inner understanding and ability to see our self and behavior from a place of truth, with honesty and courage as it is a stone of truth! 

Apophyllite helps to release suppressed emotions to heal the soul. It is used to reduce fear and anxiety. It also helps to make a decision and to solve problems. It reduces stress and facilitates a state of deep relaxation to enhance meditation.


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