Divine Abundance Orgonite Pendant

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Divine Abundance Orgonite Pendant

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Divine Abundance Orgonite Pendant

This divine abundance orgonite pendant and was channeled by Spirit. This allows money to flow freely to you and remain in your possession. The Sigil was given to me by Spirit as my personal signature for this piece. The Sigil sits on a piece of Hematite that will draw money to you. It is surrounded by Amethyst and Jade, crystals known for attracting abundance. The Penny on the back represents gaining your money with Honesty (Honest Abe). The piece has been sprinkled with Selenite dust and mini selenite rods giving it a cloudy look on the back of the pendant. Selenite never has to be cleared and will keep the vibration of the stones pure.


Orgonite is a spiritual tool used for healing. It uses the 4 Earth Elements of Earth ~ Gemstones, Water ~ Resin, Air ~ Metal shavings, Fire ~ Copper to amplify orgone (life force) energy. This protects the auric field from negative influences that are encountered everyday. The resin polarizes the crystals and amplifies the healing effects each crystal provides.



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