Emerald Pendant


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Emerald Pendant

This Emerald Pendant is wrapped in copper to amplify the healing properties of the emerald. Emerald is known as the “stone of successful love” because it heals the heart! Wearing this emerald pendant will put the focus on loyalty which can bring domestic bliss. It focuses on unconditional love and promotes positive friendships. It focuses intention by raising consciousness which will bring about a harmonious home life. Wearing an emerald pendant inspires positive actions while eliminating negativity. This allows you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Emeralds work with the heart chakra and as a result can keep partnerships in balance. It can also signal unfaithfulness if it changes color. Since it stimulates the heart chakra it can balance the emotions which will positively affect the physical heart.

Emerald helps bring awareness of the unknown to conscious which will strengthen psychic abilities. It opens the Third Eye for improved clairvoyance. It inspires a deep inner knowing because it promotes truth and discernment.

Copper is used for these pendants since it is an excellent conductor of energy. The copper amplifies the energy and healing properties of the stone! This pendant can quickly be turned into a pendulum for those quick answers in a hurry! Simply add it to your favorite chain and you have an instant pendulum!


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