Goddess Tarot Card Reading


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Goddess Tarot Card Reading

As a Psychic Medium I am always working with new and different ways of connecting to Spirit. During my 10 years as a professional Medium I have heard repeatedly that the sitter only has 1 question that they want answered. They really only need to know what is the right direction for them. At that point I always turn to my tarot deck! I have found that a Tarot reading is the quickest way to get to “the heart of the matter” and answer the burning question.
I have been Tarot reading for myself and close friends for about 2 years and I have found it to be very accurate when making important decisions regarding love, money, relationships or deciding on a move. Of course these are not the only questions asked, each person has their own issues that they need answered.

For your Tarot Reading I will first sit with your questions, asking my guides to connect with your issue and then I will use my pendulum to select 3 cards from the deck. Usually the meanings of the positions are as follows, however, on occasion, I am told the position will indicate something else. The 1st card represents “the issue or question”. The 2nd card represents “the direction: what to do”. The 3rd card represents “the solution or how you can best resolve the question. If need be, I will pull a “clarifier” card so that the question is completely answered and you have a clear path of direction. This is the method that works best for me. All Tarot readers have their own style and/or techniques, it is how they work best and should be accepted as such. There is no right or wrong on how someone connects with Holy Spirit.


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