Hematoid Fire Quartz


Hematoid Fire Quartz


Hematoid Fire Quartz

Hematoid fire quartz is a quartz that is comprised of quartz and hematite. Combining hematite and quartz creates extreme balancing. It removes negativity while transforming it into positive energy. Working with the heart chakra, hematoid helps you understand your emotions to assist in good self esteem. It also completes the circle between the root chakra and the crown chakra. Since it balances and connect your to both heaven and earth.

Because it is so calming and grounding, use hematoid fire quartz to balance all chakras and re-energize the aura.



Hematite is extremely grounding and comforting. It works primarily with the root chakra providing a sense of security and safety. It is and iron that may be magnetic. Hematite stimulates the mind allowing concentration. Because of its connection to the earth, it can enhance courage.



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