Lemurian Quartz Pendant


Lemurian Quartz Pendant

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Lemurian Quartz Pendant

A Lemurian Quartz Pendant is said to hold the ancient wisdom from the Lemurians. The quartz crystal is  easily identified by the lines or striations on 1 or multiple sides of the stone. Legend holds that the Lemurians encoded these stones and “seeded” them around the planet, referring to them as Lemurian Seed Crystals or Star Crystals. These crystals were programmed with messages of oneness and healing. It is said that rubbing your finger along the striations will allow for a download of information from the Ancient Lemurians.

Lemurian Quartz may be used for meditations, scrying, healing, chakra cleansing because it balances and clears the aura.  Since it’s a master healing crystal, quartz removes blockages and may be programmed for direct healing.

Use generators during meditation to connect to your higher self and what may be blocking you.

A Lemurian Quartz Pendant is beautiful and its energy is incredible!

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the “Stone of Power” because it can help to amplify any energy or intention. It may be used for meditations, scrying, healing, chakra cleansing and balancing and aura clearing. Quartz Points naturally form in a 6-sided (hexagon) shape. The Sacred Geometry of the hexagonal shape helps to naturally amplify and focus energy.  Use quartz points  with your Reiki, table work and Energy Grids.

Clear quartz brings, harmony, clarity, healing and psychic abilities. Quartz is a Master Healer and will clear negativity and restore peace while it balances and revitalizes the physical self. As a soul clearer it relaxes the organs and subtle body therefore allowing a clear connection.



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