Moonstone Pendant


Moonstone Pendant

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Moonstone Pendant

Beautiful Hand Crafted Moonstone Pendant has been wrapped in copper to amplify the healing and metaphysical properties of the gemstone. Moonstone is essential for healers, especially when working with women with uterus issues.

Moonstone is a stone of intuition and insight. Use it to balance the emotional body with the cycles of the moon. This makes moonstone especially helpful for women. It is a very soothing stone with a gentle vibration that has the ability to balance hormones and menstrual cycles.

Moonstone is perfect for working with the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra to connect with the divine. This allows you to become aware of your own intuition. It encourages freedom of expression, creativity while it helps you become aware of your own negative self judgment, thus allowing its release.

Moonstone is perfect for the reproductive system and the digestive systems as it helps us to accept what is with no need to change it, only accept the situation.

This pendant can quickly be turned into a pendulum for those quick answers in a hurry! Simply add this moonstone pendant to your favorite chain and you have an instant pendulum!


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