Pyrite Orgonite Pendant

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Pyrite Orgonite Pendant

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Pyrite Orgonite

This Pyrite Orgonite contains a pyrite nugget that is often used as a protection stone against negative energy and vibrations. Adding Copper to the piece amplifies the protective qualities that amplify the emotional healing that pyrite can offer.

Pyrite is often called “Fools Gold”. It is used to manifest monetary prosperity and maintain it. Pyrite is a ruler of logical thought and psychic development. It can help you recall important information and enhances memory. Pyrite will help see beyond words allowing you to see the true meaning behind ones actions.

Pyrite Orgonite works with the auric system to improve health and emotional well-being. It offers intelligence, creativity, optimism and practicality. It can be used to treat lung disorders, bronchitis and to reduce swelling and fevers. When used by a healer, pyrite is a powerful protector for the treatment  of infectious diseases.


Orgonite is a spiritual tool used for healing. It uses the 4 Earth Elements of Earth ~ Gemstones, Water ~ Resin, Air ~ Metal shavings, Fire ~ Copper to amplify orgone (life force) energy. This protects the auric field from negative influences that are encountered everyday. The resin polarizes the crystals and amplifies the healing effects each crystal provides.

Each Pyrite Orgonite is divinely inspired and totally unique. Ensuring that not only will you have a powerhouse of energy working for you, it is also an interesting conversation piece! ! And the best part is that it can easily be used as a pendulum!  There are natural and intentional inclusions that may appear to be imperfections; the artists feels these imperfections add to the artistic quality of the Pyrite Orgonite, making it perfect!


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