Tiger Eye Goddess Pendant

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Tiger Eye Goddess Pendant

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Tiger Eye Goddess Pendant

Use a tiger eye goddess to pull in the goddess energy associated with Athena. Athena was the virgin Greek goddess of reason and intellect. Tiger Eye have long been revered for their protective properties and in preventing “The Evil Eye”. When used in mediation Tiger’s Eye will help you “see” the chakra and balance it to clear any stagnate energy. When used on the 3rd Eye, Tiger Eye can help you “see” what was previously “unseen”, helping you effectively manifest what you truly want in your life. Useful for recognizing one’s own needs in relation to the needs of others.

Tiger Eye is also used as a “Luck Amulet” that brings the wearer clarity, abundance and luck in their life. Balancing yin-yang energy of the emotional body, Tiger Eye encourages willpower, purpose and courage while giving a boost of self-confidence.
Tiger Eye is about seeing not only your truth, but truth in others. It allows you to stand in your power with integrity and grace! This stone is very protective. I can ward of energies that are not for your highest good and release tension. Tiger Eye is a good defense for “the evil eye” because it works with your Throat Chakra & 3rd eye chakra.


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