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Psychic Mediumship Reading

Diana is a natural born psychic medium near Charlotte, NC in Monroe, NC. She has been giving readings for the past 10 years.

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In person readings will be paid for at the time of the reading. If you would like a phone or zoom reading, please pay first.

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Goddess Tarot Card Reading

Looking for life direction? A tarot card reading is just the thing. Book your appointment today!

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Past Life Regression

A Past life regression allows you to access events from past lives with the specific intent to unlock blockages in this life.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Those few extra pounds that never seem to go away could be from anxiety. Let's find the underlying cause.

Stop Smoking

Have you tried everything to quit smoking? Try something new and reset your brain to dislike cigarettes.

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Mediumship Level 1 & 2

Each level is a 6 week course where we will focus on developing your own intuition.

Level 1 is the very basics of mediumship. You will learn to recognize your own energy and the energy around you. Learn to ground and protect yourself while you get to know your Spirit Guides.

Level 2 goes a little deeper where we explore more guides, Ascended Masters, automatic writing and divination including tarot cards.

Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3

Reiki is a form of energy healing that is channelled from Divine energy. There are 3 levels and each includes a 3 week training after the initial attunement. (4 weeks total) You will learn how to recognize your own energy vs someone else's while learning the traditional Usui Reiki techniques. You will learn to access your intuition to "feel" where the healing needs to go.


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