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5 Reasons I Got the Flu

5 Reasons I Got the Flu

Yes, I had the flu. No, I didn’t die! Although there were moments that I was sure I would! As a Reiki Master I have a complete toolbox to treat the symptoms but that is useless if I don’t also treat the underlying cause.
Any sickness can be beneficial if you know how to use it to your advantage. For me, the flu “got” me because I needed the rest. But more importantly I had been working on releasing issues from the past and this was Spirit’s way of forcing me to take that time to successfully heal.

The number 1 reason for the flu is to force you to stop! And stop was EXACTLY what I did! When you’re sick it doesn’t matter what bill is coming due or whether you have the money or not, your body will not allow you to move. You automatically go into self protect and self heal mode. We all know that our body heals when we rest. So the flu forces us to sleep and move very little. Automatically we go into hibernation and our body gets to catch up on the rest that has been denied.

2. When I looked at the symptoms, I understood immediately what I was ready to work on and release. It started with a headache, sore body and a burning throat and chest. The headache means that I am not validating myself, the sore body is built up tension and the burning throat is not being heard or “burning to say something”.
I concentrated my attention on releasing past disappointments and focused on all that I had accomplished in a short period of time.

3. It gave me a moment for all my thoughts to catch up with me so that I could write them down and pave a new path. I was forced to up my game and clarify my game plan. I wrote down “things” I wanted to do and things I wanted to say. I even wrote a letter that I will never send. As soon as I wrote that letter my throat stopped burning. I was able to create a list of new blog topics and a timeline for them and schedule the release of some new items! So exciting!

4. The flu made it possible for me to say no. I was able to honor myself and my body. Last year I opened a small store/office and all of my time, thought, energy and money has gone in that direction. I had to close the store for a few days and I had to be OK with that. At 1st I wasn’t happy about it but once I had began the healing process and honored what I needed, I felt great about the choice. The world will still turn and I can feel good about myself if the door is closed.

5. I had to ask for help and allow others to do things the way they wanted. It’s a gift to “let go” of control! My children had to provide for themselves and they are old enough to do so. They also had to wash dishes and clean more than they already do. I allowed them to do it their way and I stayed out of it. It was so freeing not to have an opinion about how the dishes were done!

So if you have the flu, please just honor what you’re feeling. Allow yourself the days to rest without feeling guilty. Take extra Vit. C & D, honey & cinnamon tea, and a long soak with epsom salt and baking soda along with your favorite essential oil. Some wonderful crystals are selenite, blue lace agate and tourmaline. Treat yourself very well and make the space for you to feel comfortable until it passes!