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Blue Kyanite Pendant

Clear Your Energy Field With Kyanite

Clear Your Energy Field With Kyanite

Kyanite is a must have for healers and energy workers. Not only is it beautiful but it can be very useful in clearing your energetic field. It has an extremely high vibration and doesn’t need to be energetically cleared (although it does love the moonlight!). The most popular colors are blue and black but it is also found in white, pink, yellow, grey and orange.

I first fell in love with Kyanite while visiting Florida in 2009. I was still new to crystals and their uses but loved the bright blue color and the blade like feel. Kyanite was just the tool I needed for my psychic tool box!

As I was beginning my crystal collection I became overwhelmed with the selection of crystals and their uses. So I decided that I would only purchase the stones that spoke to me a few at a time. I would work with them and learn what others had to say about their healing properties. Then I would use my own intuition to decide how I would use the crystal. That was the perfect combination for me!

Whenever I worked with kyanite I felt like I was in surgery. I found it was perfect to cut cords and remove attachments. Since this mineral has the look and feel of a crystal knife I would also use it to do psychic surgeries.

Little did I know at the time how well kyanite works with the crown chakra and the throat chakra. This crystal is typically used to enhance psychic abilities and clear the way for telepathic communication. It works to align all chakras creating a tranquil and meditative state.

When working with the throat chakra it helps with self-expression and speaking your truth!  This stone is all about loyalty and can help repair harmful relationships. It’s also gentle and is the perfect tool to having when you need to speak to a group of people.


What I didn’t know is that kyanite can be used to help you make a decision. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Just take a look at the striations on the blade. It’s almost as if the crystal is showing you  the way. I have used it like spin the bottle when I couldn’t decide. I wrote down my options and put them in a semi circle and gave the kyanite a spin! But mostly, I meditation with it at my throat chakra, or wear my kyanite pendant (similar to the one pictured) when I feel “stuck”.

So if you’re just beginning your crystal journey, remember to start with the stones that you like and build from there. There is no right or wrong when choosing. Crystals call to you and you decide if you answer or not.