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What Makes You Happy

What Makes You Happy

Happy Thursday Morning!!!! I’m sitting in the new store with a whole list of “To Do’s” and what I really want to do is write! I’m so excited about this store and all of the potential it has! I want to help people! “Help them do what?” you ask. Help them live a life that they are happy living! A life they are happy to wake up to!

This morning a friend called. She’s on an exciting new journey that will take her back to her home state. She’s got job interviews in her home state and in NC and she really just needs a job. The issue is that when she comes back to NC, she gets horrible vertigo that disappears when she is back in her home state. I said, “It sounds like Spirit is issuing the message loud and clear! You’re not supposed to be in NC. Spirit is telling you that being here affects your equilibrium.”

It’s important to follow not only our hearts, but also the signs that Spirit is showing you. Sometimes we need a health issue to get us into gear!

During that same phone call, I expressed to her how happy I was being in my new store and that every day before I walk in I express gratitude for being here. I LOVE THE SPACE THAT HAS BEEN CREATED! Not only by me, but by the students that come in and the customers that stop by! I can’t wait to get here in the morning and it’s hard to leave at the end of the day. That’s when you know you’re following your path, when everything just falls into place!

We all have to do things that we don’t want to, it’s part of the life we chose. But wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and know that there is 1 thing that you will do only for yourself everyday? I heard in a movie a long time ago a phase that I have kept as my mantra: “Happiness is simply having something to look forward to.”

So…. what makes you happy? If you don’t know, then find something to look forward to everyday!