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Are You Ready For Your Summer Body?

Are You Ready For Your Summer Body

Most of us are not… and the main reason is STRESS. We spend so much of our time running around taking care of someone else and multitasking our life that we forget to take care of ourselves. We eat in our cars, conduct business meetings driving on the interstate and catch up with a friend while watching our children play sports. The whole thing is EXHAUSTING!

I heard a story (probably on facebook) about a man that left his problems on a tree in his front yard as soon as he came home from work. The story goes that before he walks into his house he touches the tree; symbolically leaving his work day and any issues at the tree. When he walks into his home, all of his attention can then be given to his family. The last line was the clincher. He says that he picks up any problems that he needs to address the next day when he leaves for work but miraculously, the problems are never there when he returns. Whether the story is true or not, the concept is incredible! And it got me to thinking about the way I conduct my own life! How much am I missing because I think I’m a great multitasker?

So I want you to think about this: This story represents a complete LACK of multitasking. Multitasking has gotten us into more trouble than we realize. This man completely shifts his focus, dropping one thing to give his complete attention to another area of his life. He is then free to fully and completely connect to his family, effectively reducing the mental stress of focusing on work and the kids at the same time!

The more we multitask, the more stress that builds up. Why? Because we never allow ourselves the time to completely release one situation before beginning another. We are always in “flight mode” creating cortisol in our gut! (There is a ton of information about this on the internet so if you’re interested, check it out). When we finally allow our body to stop, we don’t allow our brain the same courtesy. How many times have you laid in bed at night with a million thoughts crowding your sleep? This is the downside of multitasking! We have trained our brain to think of so many things at the same time that it will not stop. It’s time to retrain your brain…. and when you do, you will lose weight!

So now I know everyone wants to know how!!! If it’s so simple, then how do we do it?? Well let me give you 1 word: HYPNOSIS! That’s right folks! Hypnosis can give you the mental reset that you need! And it’s an hour to yourself that you get to TOTALLY relax!

During the session you’re “allowed” to mentally and physically stop. This allows your body to release all the stress that you have stored and turn off the “flight mode”, returning to our natural state of relaxation. Once you’re relaxed, you will be subconsciously reminded to drink lots of water, make good food choices and eat only when you’re hungry. This will eliminate the urges to stress eat or shove a donut in your mouth as you’re walking out the door. You will be reminded to eat consciously.

Whether you’re religious or not, when we take a moment to bless our food a few things subconsciously happen at once.

1) Our focus shifts from everything else we have going on in our life and redirects it to eating and who we are eating with.  Our brain see this kind of like walking into another room. See it this way: We sleep in the bedrooms, shower in the bathroom and watch tv in the living room. When we get into the bed, it’s our subconscious and conscious signal to sleep.

2) When we sit at the table and say a few words of gratitude, it reminds us that this food is meant to nourish our body so that we will be healthy. What is really happening is you are telling your body to process this food effectively and eliminate what you don’t need. You are giving your organs permission to do their jobs.

3) When you’re in a state of gratitude for one thing, that feeling will flow to other areas of your life. When you are grateful, YOU ARE FULL.

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