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Sacred Sunday

Sacred Sunday

Sacred Sunday is my time to┬áreconnect with my Divine Soulful Energy! It’s the day I stop and take stock of myself. Who I am and who I want to be. It’s the day I pray for myself, my children and write down my hopes and dreams. Sometimes I simply release old energy and return to a state of gratefulness.

Sacred Sunday is also the time for my world to take a bit of a pause. I remember when even the supermarkets were closed on Sundays. Parents didn’t work and everyone went to eat Sunday dinner.

I suppose I’m longing for a simpler time when people paid attention to those closest to them. A time when people made time to reflect on their hopes and dreams. They took time to truly listen. Today it’s all by text and a quick picture, how many characters can you fit in the shortest space possible?

I think we need to get back to the days of real communications when you heard their voice and looked them in the eye. Maybe some of the bullying and school shootings would stop if kids had to be accountable for how they made someone feel. As it stands now, people type a few words on their phone and don’t think anything else about it. They aren’t faced with the hurt they have caused because its just words on a screen.

If kids had to say the words they type in person they would be more mindful of the reaction they caused. If they are encouraged to truly connect with other people they would not feel so alone in this world. That’s why Sacred Sundays are so important. It’s the day that we can tap into our humanity and ourselves