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5 Reason to Wear Emerald Pendant

5 Reason to Wear Emerald Pendant

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I Hope you’re all wearing green. I am, I have on my emerald necklace! Yes, I have green in my wardrobe but I simply love the way this pendant makes me feel. It’s actually naturally shaped like a heart and reminds me that there is love all around me.

1)Emerald is the stone of successful love. The pendant sits right at my heart chakra and reflects love to whomever I meet. The heart chakra is the center of your body and the other chakras. If the heart is open and in balance, the chakras can easily open and stay balanced.

2) Raw emerald works just as well as a high quality “gemmy” emerald to attract love. Because it also works with the third eye chakra, it allows you to recognize undesirable qualities that you may have missed.

3) Because this stone is all about the heart chakra and love, it reminds you to love yourself 1st. Emeralds also help you to recognize the people that are loyal and those that are not. When we love ourselves first, we are not easily fooled.

4) It can help heal a broken heart. We’ve all been there. And it hurts. Emerald reminds us that when our heart is broken that it’s time to shift our perspective and focus on something else. It can help you turn a negative situation into something positive.

5) Emerald promotes truth. When you wear an emerald, it activates your third eye chakra allowing you to fully see someone’s true intentions. It inspires a deep inner knowing because it promotes truth and discernment.

As you can see, this is one of my favorite pendants! If you want to see more, click here: