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Creating a Vision Board

Creating a Vision Board

What is a vision board? Great Question! A vision board is a place to put all the things that you want to come into your life. It’s about dreaming and manifesting your biggest dream and listening to what your heart is telling you!
How do you really want to spend your day? Do you want to move to a larger home or one on a mountain top? Looking for the perfect partner? Everyone knows that the key to having what you want is to truly KNOW what you want. When you visualize yourself living with what you want the universe takes notice! Keep in mind that those visions an change as we gain more knowledge.
This will be a fun day with wine and light snacks! A day to celebrate and MANIFEST! The spoken word is powerful, but the written word is unbelievable!
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**What you need to know**
The fee is $30. I will supply magazines, paint, brushes, glue and of course WINE!
You bring the “canvas”. You can literally bring a canvas or a poster board but here are a few other suggestions depending on where (and if) you want to display your “manifestation art”.

**MIRROR ~ Any size The dollar store usually has some nice size ones. I suggest a mirror because in magic a mirror is a powerful way to send your desire to the universe. You can also write affirmations on them with a dry erase marker.

**PICTURE FRAME ~ you may decide that you want to proudly and decoratively display your piece.

**Small or large canvas

**Large or small poster board. Even a 3-sided project board would work nicely.

Or any other thing that you want to put your dreams on. If you have a question about a display item that I haven’t mentioned, send me a message.